Any investor who is looking for an income generating property should consider investing in real estate. This might be a bit overwhelming especially for the first–time investors. This is an industry that is riddled with numerous situations and scenarios that can affect your returns. Even if the returns might be lucrative, it is always wise to priced with caution. Many realtors have shared their experiences, most of which have greatly helped many investors to manage and acquire properties. Some of the investors have invested heavily in single-units condos especially in Vancouver and Toronto where the supply and demand are very high.

Once you have invested in these properties, you can opt to manage them on your own or outsource the services of property management firms. , most people prefer managing their properties on their own especially those that are within a close travelling distance. The following are the main factor that will guide you when you are hunting for a perfect real estate property.

Employment opportunities

Locations that have a high market trend are more likely to attract more people. This is something that will significantly increase the number of renters. You can find such a location by visiting statistics Canada. This will help you in getting a reliable data for the particular area that you are considering. The movement of a large corporation is another indicator that more people are going to follow. You can also get more people in college towns. This is another viable option because of the high number of students who are looking for off-campus area

Its location

Its location will have a direct impact on the renters. Renters have different tastes and preferences. Some of the criteria that you should look at include proximity to colleges and universities, proximity to hospitals and transportation and the walk score.

Social amenities

This involves looking at the nearby attractions. Some of the important things that you can consider include parks, shopping malls, gyms, movie theatres and transport routes.


It is the dream of every person to live in a safe neighbourhood. It is therefore important to inquire about the rate of crime before buying a property. Most of this information and data can be obtained from the local police department. This can help you in knowing whether a place is secure and


This is another top consideration that most renters might hinge. Doing a thorough research on the available schools is recommendable. This is something that can help you in increasing the rental pool.